Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Talking With Taliban

For a few months we have been hearing about Us inclination to talk with Taliban. This is a natural corollary of a failed mission in Afghanistan on part of the US/NATO allied forces. Though there is a realization that this war can not be won by them and that they have not won it already but there is no explicit admission to this effect. Apart from the reality on the battle ground the current US, European and world economic situation too contributes to the dawning of wisdom. hence the talks about opening a Taliban mission in Qatar. Evacuation of Afghanistan by the alien forces can only be a welcome step. The tricky part is that the talking at the table is a trickery that Muslims do not have expertize in - and they are unlikely to ever have it for Islam is not based on trickery. And if this sounds like a rant then let us remember that a western quotation that diplomacy is continuation of war by other means. And if this sounds like a too theoretical then let us pay heed to history of East India Company. Most of the Mughal Empire was usurped by diplomacy or table talk or business talk by the British people. War in Afghanistan might be coming to an end but difficult times might be far from from being over. May Allah(SWT) have Mercy on those who walk the path of guidance.