Monday, December 31, 2012

Let There be a Party Amongst You

After perfecting our Religion for us Allah (SWT) was pleased to propose Islam as our way of life.

And then He (SWT) said that there should be a party amongst believers who were busy doing Allah (SWT)'s work.

This used to be one of several points that bothered yours truly in a nagging sort of way.

What about the rest of the people, those who were not engaged in Allah (SWT)'s work?
Of course, they are not supposed to be involved in Satan's work - that argument is a mere distraction.
The bothersome aspect is that is it alright to avoid Allah (SWT)'s work.

Answer is yes. Allah (SWT) has already perfected our Religion for us and then ceased Prophethood.
Now those of us who will work for Allah (SWT) will certainly get those benefits similar to those that were directed towards Prophets (AS). Those who do not turn to Allah (SWT)'s work will not be sinners but their rewards will be like the non-Prophets in Prophetic times.

Clearly to get rewards like Prophets is our for asking - it is voluntary to work for Allah (SWT). It will be silly not to make use of the opportunity.

And the race begins by making intentions to work for Allah (SWT). And it costs nothing to make the intention that we shall devote our complete life for Allah (SWT)'s work. We may decide its specific form later.