Monday, December 31, 2012

On Alcohol

The verdict of Allah (SWT) banning alcohol was accompanied by the explanation that it has more harms than benefits.

This statement used to make yours truly feel inconvenient.
Allah (SWT) is our Lord. He (SWT) is our Lord Most High.
Explanation do not befit Him.

And in today's spiritual session (Majlis) this got clarified.
All thanks are due to Allah (SWT) for that.

The explanation is that some people at that time were counting benefits of alcohol. Alcohol was slowly getting discouraged by the Revelation and it might have been the talk of the town at that time. And when benefits of alcohol are being counted then it becomes a argument with a weight. And it is this weight that is being neutralized in in the Verse of the Noble Qur'an that says that alcohol has more harms for you than benefits.

There is one more similar point that used to bother yours truly but let us leave that for the next post.