Friday, December 7, 2012

The Main Problem

The main problem that AAA focuses on is to develop an Islamic view of the world around us.

And this is not a responsibility of yours truly only. Yours truly is completely incapable of bearing such a gigantic responsibility.

So every one has to get involved.
And not for airing your views. No, not for that.
The purpose should be to develop Islamic view about the things in our life.
We need that because the world keeps changing in unexpected direction while we are obliged to stay and remain on Shariah in every condition.

People with modern education either find Islam boring or they embellish their life with Islamic terminology in a way that Islam is merely another piece in the antiques in the drawing room. The spirit is completely missing.

The religious apparatus on the other hand has a completely different view. The feeling on that side is that modern developments are of no consequence. These modern developments do not count - according to them.

This leaves a huge gap between parts of Muslim Ummah.

Even while living in this divide we can not ignore the requirement that we have to live our life completely according to Islam - whether our Baser Self likes it or not, whether it is convenient or not.

Deen is simple, it is not necessarily convenient.