Thursday, December 20, 2012

Subtle Enemy

Allah (SWT) has repeatedly warned us that Satan the cursed is our open enemy.

Why is that?

Because Allah (SWT), our Creator, knows that we are prone to fall prey to the tricks of  Satan the cursed.

He, the cursed Satan, only makes suggestions. And we lap it up.

And he is not the enemy that uses the same tricks.

There is a country, most powerful on the globe now, who beats our lands black and blue and declares that they have no enmity towards us of our faith.

Then there is this new but by now a hundred years old movement within Islam who are trying to tell us that we did not know the correct Islam all these years. They are trying to wean us away from Madhhab first.
And that is the only step that is requited.

Once you break a link then you have broken all.

This enemy too is subtle. Defeat it.