Wednesday, December 5, 2012

On Celebrations, On Death

Why is so that celebrations of some people are filled with darkness while there is a lot of Noor in it when some people talk about death? Yours truly was earlier reading details of some celebrations where a rogue Maulwi was boasting of his exploits. It was suffocating. Then yours truly read a piece where the writer was merely ruminating about mundane matters and ended the narrative on a very brief remembrance of death. It was illuminating. ( An Elder once said that there is Noor in it when people of Allah open their mouth - even if they are talking of worldly matters. And there is darkness in our, worldly people's, talk even if we talk about Islam.)

This is the effect of rubbing the dust of the feet of the people of Allah (SWT) on your forehead.

Naayaab Hai Ye Gardish-e-Sayyaargaan Ki Raakh
Kuchh Sar Pe Daal, Kuchh Kaf-o-Daaman Mein Le Ke Chal
Rare is this dust raised by the treadings of the treaders
Put some on your head, rest in your pocket and hands

(Mir Ahmed Navaid)