Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Moaning of a Thankless Person

No one likes thanklessness.
Yet, strangely, the world is filled with thankless people.
Most of the thankless people are those who do not thank Lord Most High.
These are the unbelievers.
We are using here two translations of an Arabic word.
One translation is thankless, those who do not thank, and another one is unbeliever.
There is yet another, third, translation of the same word and we shall not mention that.

So this post is about the moaning of a thankless person.
He is moaning the fact that earlier there used to be many cultural Muslims in India and Pakistan and now these are disappearing.
By cultural Muslims he meant those people who do belong to Muslim community by culture but they are atheists.
This moaner enjoyed and still enjoys company of such people.

But why should yours truly be concerned with his moaning?
Well yours truly, as it happened in life, had known a few of these cultural Muslims.
So there is this personal connection - you can not erase your past.
You can only seek Lord's Forgiveness and this sinner does seek Lord's Forgiveness.
May Allah (SWT) forgive past sins, all of them, of this sinner.

And then there is another angle that is more general and of universal interest.
Many of these cultural Muslims do take themselves to be real representatives of Muslims, if not Islam.
And then they try to solve the problems of Muslims, in their own way.
They do not realize that a Muslim is not a well defined entity without Islam.
Yet they insist on going on with solving the problems of Muslims.

Aligs dealt with this problem a few years ago when some of these cultural Muslims made a foray to explore the possibility of tackling problems of Muslims in collaboration with AMU intelligentsia. And the programme soon came to a cropper in spite of the fact that Aligarh is no bastion of Islamic orthodoxy.

Yours truly is not deriving any lessons from the situation - only taking stock of it.