Tuesday, December 11, 2012

World Population

World population is increasing at a rate that is rather obvious to even demographically untrained eyes. Yours truly finds that mostly scary. Indeed if it was not for the active management on part of authorities world over to manage the resources the world will be a horrible place. It is because of such consideration that yours truly finds the news covered by BBC comfortable. The report says that by 2030 Asia will eclipse US and the Europe as economic powers and the latter will in fact be poor countries. No yours truly is not rejoicing at the prospects of west falling into penury. The report says that the US and the Europe will be poor places populated by aging population. No, again western demography turning geriatric is not what yours truly's point. It is the next stage. Since Asia has taken the western route to life the results can not be different - sooner Asia will face the same fate as west is going to face in two decades. Since things speed up with time it will be reasonable to assume that a decade later Asia will face the same situation - aging population with economic activity that is not furious but smooth and calm.

And that is a calming thought. Smooth and calm economic environment, not the aging population.
Aging population will have to be taken care of but such things are easy to do in smooth and calm environment. Not in hectic and furious environment.