Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Faith is Better Part of Valour

There is a proverb that says that discretion is better part of valour.
The import is very clear that valour does not consist of blindly ramming yourself into dire situations. If you do not have a chance in the face of a danger it is alright to beat the famous hasty retreat.

But the proverb leaves out the essential bit - common folk wisdom may not take you to the truth.
To reach the truth you need faith.
And that is better part of valour.

Valour does not always bring you the victory.
Every martyrdom is valour.
But every martyrdom does not result in victory.
And victory is associated with faith.
Human efforts, including valour, seem so inadequate when one analyzes any significant victory.

If  Allah (SWT) provided one valour then it is a significant blessing.
And one should be thankful to Allah (SWT) for that.
And then there is victory - that is another blessing. It is usually connected with valour but all valour does not cash into victory.

Faith is a different thing altogether.
Any one leaving this world even with a grain of faith will ultimately be granted an entry into Jannah.
And that is a victory.