Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Freedom in Islam

This is not an in-depth or thorough analysis of how Islam gives you freedom.

It is a simple but very effective and useful example of freedom granted to us by Islam.

It is an example of how Islam liberates you.

In fact without Islam you can not even define freedom - sorry to say that. Or may be not.


Mufti Taqi Usmani Sahab (DB) said in one of the speeches that we believers should not indulge too much of speeches.

This was shocking to yours truly.

How will Islam spread or even maintained without speeches?

Then his brother Hazrat Rafi Usmani Sahab (DB), Mufti-e-Azam Pakistan, upped the ante. It turned out that their Shaikh Dr Abdul Hayee Arifi Sahab (RA) always advised them to avoid giving speeches.

If you have an urge to spread Islam then there is no alternative but to speak.

And two very honorable Muftis, the best of our times, are telling us to do just the opposite.

It is not easy to reconcile oneself with this idea.

But where is the freedom here? In fact every one will fairly conclude that yours truly is talking about the opposite - restriction. Patience dear brothers and sisters. (Pyaro is the word used by our beloved Elders in place of the word dear!)

Mufti Rafi Sahab (DB) also added that their Shaikh told them not to speak on topics assigned by the people. Their Shaikh told them to put the balm where there is the injury.

There is the freedom dear brothers and sisters. You have been liberated from the tyranny of people - they assigning you topics and you doing their bidding.

You might feel that this is not what you were looking for.

But yours truly did not promise you what you were looking for. Till our last breath we are bound by Shariah.

And once you accept that you are bound by Shariah till your last breath, from the depths of your heart, then it liberates you from the tyranny of the people and all of creation of Allah (SWT).

That is a consequence of Fadkhili 'Abaadi wadkhuli jannati - so be My servant and enter my Jannah.
When you decide to be a Slave of Allah you are allowed to enter Jannah - the freest place you can imagine.

Verily our Lord is Most Merciful, Most Beneficent.