Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Islam from Space and Time

Special theory of relativity was a in some sense a boon for mankind.

Firstly because of its intrinsic value as a piece of scientific knowledge. We marvel at it even today.

Secondly for putting time in its place. The pun is irresistible.

Time is such an over powering thing in life that it shakes your faith. "Who created God?", asks the atheist.
We take time to be absolute. And there lies the problem. If time is absolute then it can impinge the way it want on anything else, including God.

That special theory of relativity removed that omnipotence of time it should be taken as a helping hand for faith. Time is not absolute and it is inextricably combined with space. This demolishes the tyranny of time once and for all.

You can not talk of time without space. Time does not have tyranny over space, at least. Why make it tyrannical over everything? In particularly God. Ergo Islam is a possibility.

I suppose that is enough for now.