Sunday, January 13, 2013

Perils of Intellect

Hazrat Dr Hanif Kamal Sahab (DB) has just put the following Urdu couplet on Ashrafia:

'Ilm se badhti hai aql, aur aql hai bad-dimagh
Jo bujha deti hai seenon mein muhabbat ke chiragh

Knowledge enhances intellect, intellect is pig-headed
It extinguishes all the lamps of love from hearts


More than those people who are obsessed with intellect, reason, logic, rationality and all that it is we who should absorb the import of above couplet by Josh Malihabadi. If we have a sure faith (yaqeen) of this import of above couplet in our hearts then Lord Most High willing the strong gusts of obsession with intellect, that are rather powerful today, will have no effect on us. In fact we shall get courage to pull away the ground beneath their feet. Lord Most High willing.