Thursday, January 24, 2013

Testosterone Challenged US

US is now officially emasculated. Who else will assign the front-line combat duty to its women?

It is sure the they will be basking in the glory of their exalted actions. Might even be choking with emotions of finally having done the needful for women's liberation and  empowerment.

Silly people have not figured out why there are sporadic fatal shootings in their society but they continue to take steps guided by the same philosophy that is doing them in.

Silly people do not realize what calamity they have brought on women by assigning them non-combat duty in the forces and now they have gone one step further.

We also keep hearing from the same silly society about experimentation like male pregnancy.

That it is a society gone bonkers is known for some time now but we hear of no corrective steps. On the contrary we keep hearing about one silly decision after another.

Of course we Muslims do have a personal axe to grind - we are at the receiving end of their onslaught and hardly anyone is fooled by their diplomatique about freedom, democracy and the so called war on terror but any one having any trace of humanity will be heart broken at the spiraling down of American society.

Dear US you are not an inspiration. Not that we were looking for one.