Saturday, February 2, 2013

Hillary Clinton's Half Truth

A BBC headline says, quoting Hillary Clinton, that the world has become a safer place.

Oh, yeah. As long as you keep Islam and Muslims out. Islam and Muslims remain singled out as those entities for who it is even desirable to make the world a safe place. Muslim world is still reeling under the American onslaught in particular and western onslaught in general. Your damage to Muslim world has been more extensive than your damage to Japan and the communist block. Your overall record, if not putting Hitler's record to shame, will surely compete with him. The strange thing is that the world still is not waking up to the monstrosity that US has turned out to be. It is strange that the world takes US triumph as triumph, US happiness as happiness and US sorrow as sorrow. A pathetic state of affairs where the rest of the world has lost its individuality having annihilated its hopes, aspirations and expectations in the hopes, aspirations and expectations of US. Why else the world will modulate its feelings with those of US? It is all the more strange looking at the condition that US society finds itself in. Just think of the too often occurring random shootings.