Monday, February 4, 2013

Shibli Academy Orientalist Seminar - 7

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Title : Islam Aur Mustashriqeen (Islam and Orietalists)

Vol : 7 (Compiler : Dr Muhammed 'Arif Umari)

Contains articles, summaries and precis of corrections published in Ma'arif to orientalists mistakes about Islamic sciences and individuals.

1. Preface : Dr. Zia-ud-Deen Islahi
2. Orientalist Noldeke and Noble Qur'an : Maulana Owais Nadwi Nigrami
3. Collection and Compilation of Noble Qur'an and the Orientalists : Muhammed 'Arif Azmi Umari
4. Orientalists on Arguments of Revelation and Prophethood : Maulana Zia-ud-Deen Islahi
5. Orientalists Stand on Migration (Hijrah) : Maulana Abdur Rahman Parwaz Islahi
6. Correcting Some Mistakes of Orientalists Regarding Prophet (PBUH)'s Biography : Maulana Zia-ud-Deen Islahi
7. Imam Ash'ari and Orientalists : Maulana Mirza Muhammed Yusuf
8. Mistakes of European Orientalists Regarding Abul 'Ala Ma'ari : Late Maulana Abdul Aziz Memon
9. Islamic Sciences and Arts and European Orientalists : Maulana Abdus Salam Nadwi
10. Scientific and Artistic Treasure of Muslims and the Orientalists : Maulana Abul Kalam Azad
11. To Contradictory Views About Orientalist : Maulana Shah Muinuddin Ahmed Nadwi
12. Services and Limitations of Orientalists : Syed Wahiduddin
13. Waywardness and Contradictory Reporting in Analysis and Debate by Orientalists : Maulana Ziauddin Islahi
14. Spreading of Orientalists' Objections, Their Characteristic and Axis : Maulana Ziauddin Islahi
15. Well Known Orientalists and Their Writings, Introduction and Overview : Maulana Salman Shamsi Nadwi
16. Orientalism in Holland :  Maulana Shah Muinuddin Ahmed Nadwi
17. 18th International Orientalists Congress, Leiden, 1931: Dr Shaikh Inayatullah
18. International Orientalists Congress (1938?) : Syed Sabahuddin Abdur Rahman
19. International Orientalists Congress, Istanbul (1951?) : Dr Muhammed Hamidullah
20. International Orientalists Congress, Cambridge(1954) : Dr Muhammed Hamidullah
21. International Orientalists Congress, Munich(1957) : Dr Muhammed Hamidullah
22. 25th International Orientalists Congress, Cambridge(1958) : Dr Muhammed Hamidullah
23. 26th International Orientalists Congress, Delhi (1964) : Syed Sabahuddin Abdur Rahman
24. International Orientalists Congress in America, Ann Arbor(1967) : Dr Muhammed Hamidullah