Monday, February 4, 2013

Shibli Academy Orientalist Seminar - 6

For background material see here.

Title : Islam Aur Mustashriqeen (Islam and Orietalists)

Vol : 6 (Compiler :Zia-ud-Deen Islahi)

Contains Urdu translation of Arabic articles on Noble Qur'an, Hadith, Fiqh, Prophetic Biography and Islamic Culture and Civilization done by the associates of Dar-ul-Musannifeen.

1. Noble Qur'an and Orientalists : Dr Iltahami Naqrah
2. Sacht and Prophetic Traditions : Dr Mustafa Al-A'azmi
3. Orientalist Sacht and Fiqh : Dr Muhammed Anas Zarqa
4. Partnership and Profit and Orientalist Ludovitch : Dr Muhammed Anas Zarqa
5. Prophetic Biography and Critical Examination of Thoughts of Orientalist Montgomery Watt : Dr Imadudin Khalil
6. Islamic Social Life in the Eyes of Orientalists : Dr Abdul Wahhab Abu Hadiba
7. Islamic Civilization of Spain in the Eyes of Orientalists : Dr Mustafa Al-Sha'a