Monday, February 4, 2013

Shibli Academy Orientalist Seminar - 5

For background material see here.

Title : Islam Aur Mustashriqeen (Islam and Orietalists)

Vol : 5 (Compiler : Syed Sabahuddin Abd-ur-Rahman)

Author : Syed Sulaiman Nadwi (RA) (d.AH 1373, 1953AC)

Includes summary of interests of orientalists in Islamic sciences and arts and then answers their objections on Islamic history.

1. Preface: European Orientalists and the Library of Alexandria
2. Detractors of islam and Jiziya
3. Orientalists of Europe Before 1800AC ( France, Germany, Switzerland, England, Holland, Austria, Denmark, Spain, Portugal, Italy)
4. From 1800AC to 1830AC ( France, England, Germany, Italy)
5. From 1830AC to 1850AC ( France, Germany, Switzerland, England, Holland, Asiatic Societies)
6. From 1850AC to 1870AC ( France, Germany, Austria, English, Russia, Spain)
7.  From 1870AC to 1880AC ( France, Germany, Russia)
8. Lecture of a German Orientalist on Spread of Islam
9. Orientalists of Europe, Love of God and Islam
10.  Orientalists of Europe and Muhammed bin Umar Al-Waqidi
11. Again Waqidi
12. Answer to a Letter of an English University
13. Some Made Up Stories of Church of England
14. Foremost Lines