Saturday, January 19, 2013

Kalim Aajiz

This is a difficult post to prepare for yours truly.

Kalim Aajiz is an Urdu poet from Bihar who spent his active career as a teacher.

Over bearing feature of his life is killing of his very loving mother and very dear sister in the riots of 1947 and dumping of their bodies in a well.

He chose to express his sorrow in Urdu poetry, specifically ghazal.

His first collection of poems is called Woh Jo Shayari Ka Sabab Hua ( That Which Caused Poetry).
In the beginning of that book there is a reasonably detailed description of the fateful event - the narration looks as if it is being executed in slow motion. It was excruciating reading for yours truly. But you are nevertheless thankful to him as well as marvel at his grit to gather courage to go through the motion of writing the story. If it was not for it then we would ever have been bereft of the cause behind his conduct. You can see that there are no signs of smile on his face, let alone laughter. He would recite his ghazal in the Mushayaras with a pain and feeling that looks out of this world. And then he would disappear. His style is mature and reminds of the old era of Urdu poetry. Very ruthless literary critic, Kaleemuddin, honoured the poet by not using his usual dissection on his work.

In this video he recites a poem called Supplication (Du'a) that he says was not answered. Even this poem is rather heart breaking. Dear Aligs, or rather their families, laugh at the end of the poem but they should be forgiven because they really do not know what they were doing.

For the benefit of those who do not know Urdu he tells that last night he has again made supplications earnestly. After that he starts reminding that he has not asked for this and this. This list is surprisingly complete and one is left aghast that he has not asked any of the significant things that one can imagine. One is left wondering what this crazy man has supplicated for? He then reads your thoughts and says the very same words. Then he divulges the supplication in a metaphor that is exquisitely delicate and admits that he has asked for someone's love.

Life is difficult. For some it is more difficult. For some it is cruel. For some it is very cruel. Kalim Aajiz falls in that category. But there is no complain - Aajiz is a man of Sabr - patience and steadfastness. The same Sabr that Allah (SWT) asks us to show.  Aajiz has lived his life with Tablighi Jama-'at. When one is overwhelmed by vagaries of life then Aajiz is role model to look up to.

And no, yours truly has not been able to do justice to his story.