Monday, April 9, 2012

When They Have Lost Their Salt

Many times we see the punishment of Allah(SWT) in this world itself.
And we are not talking about physical calamities like floods and earthquakes.
Or even personal tragedies.
Here, in this post, we shall take up only the personal choices made by people.
On the face of it they are making personal choices while an onlooker can clearly identify that Allah(SWT) has put that person on a path to calamity.

May Allah(SWT) protect the Ummah of beloved Prophet(PBUH) from such calamities.

There are people who make the choice that they are the chosen people of God.
In reality God has not made any promise whatsoever about future generation accept for based on their actions.
No amount of logic and reasoning will buzz them from their path - you are planning to deprive them of their chosen-ness.

There are people who emulate those people who have been clearly shown to have gone astray. They are very aggressive if you point out their innovative ways. They spend lots of effort in trying to find mistakes in the writings of pious predecessors oblivious to the fact that act of fault finding is a major sin and Rasoolullah (PBUH) expressly forbade remembering the bygone people by badness.

Then there are people who are bent upon reducing Islam to dry principles devoid of any soul and spirit. These are as aggressive as above category - only accentuated in their near complete disconnection from Allah(SWT).

Then there is even more scary tribe - they deny the Prophetic Traditions altogether. Nothing to say about those who have chosen the path of atheism.

May Allah(SWT) protect the Ummah of beloved Prophet(PBUH) from such calamities.