Monday, April 9, 2012

No Innovation Here

Assertion : Tariqas (mystic Orders) are bidah (innovations) and nothing good will come out of them.

Clarifications :  (1) To make predictions is un-Islamic.
(2) As far as past is concerned these mystic Orders have kept uncountable people connected with Islam. What else you could ask for?
(3) The Noble Qur'an clearly states that beloved Prophet (PBUH) cleans you. So when a Shaikh agrees to clean a disciple then it is precisely a Sunnah.
(4) Once beloved Prophet (PBUH) got the injunction that go and sit amongst those who are remembering Allah (SWT). Beloved Prophet (PBUH) searched for those Companions and sat in their company. He (PBUH) also thanked Allah (SWT) for giving him such a company that he was ordered to adopt. You conclude several things from it. We are ordered to sit in the company of those who remember Allah (SWT). We should be thankful for this blessing. To make jest of it is express misfortune.
(5) Noble Qur'an clearly states that he has succeeded who had cleaned himself. It is a grave sin to discourage people from cleaning themselves - you are not their well wisher and you are following the path of Iblis. Iblis is open enemy of believers and to follow his foot steps amounts to enmity of believers.
(6) Adoption of various orders is no mote an innovation then using automobiles.