Friday, April 13, 2012

Confused by Khan

US is confused by a man named Shah Rukh Khan.
His is an extremely well recognized name and face in India.
But the security at a US airport had a few questions.
What is your height?
Silly Americans. You have him in front of you and you ask this question.
What is your colour?
Really? Are they colour blind too?
By the Grace of God that country is going down and soon it should be another Greece fighting for its economic survival.
Terminal arrogance is unpleasant in the extreme - every one knows that. Nearly every one.

PS: Yours truly is not amongst those who approve S.R.Khan's choice of vocation.
Having said that there no no need to assume that there is animosity towards him.
And having said that we hope that some of the unnecessary headlines are out of the way.

The good news is that Foreign Minister S.K.Krishna has taken due cognition of this arrogance on part of US authorities. India's High Commissioner Nirupama Rao has been instructed to file a protest with the US Government.

I hope some one will declare that days of US hegemony are over. India can take lead in that direction. We kicked out the colonizers decades ago. It is long over due that we kick out residual colonialism  from our psyche - even if it is to the economic colonizer US.