Thursday, April 26, 2012

What is Behind It?

BBC celebrates that a girl in Rajasthan has annulled her child marriage.
Good for BBC and good for her.
Apparently the groom agreed only after counseling. That is fishy enough.
Not that he might have had any option when the modernity had decided to strike in Rajasthan.
The puzzling thing is that the west has turned its attention to these things sounds so deja vu.
Yesterday there was a similar news by BBC from Bangladesh where a would be child bride was saved by the western media supported modern educated activists.
Why this renewed interest?
A simplistic explanation could be that our saviours have realized that getting photographed with dead Afghans is not appreciated by the audience.
If that is indeed the case, as it most probably is, then they should get bored with it soon.
But there is another worry. After that they will come back with something else that will help them in keeping us under their thumb.
At least their history does not tell us otherwise.
Why should we choose to remain at the receiving end?