Friday, April 27, 2012

Genetic Engineering - 1

Science can be a wonderful route to gnosis - recognizing the Signs of Allah (SWT).

For example the science of biology. Genetics is one such topic in this field.
How does an egg lead to the whole chicken? It does because it has the whole blue print for that production including the raw material. This blue print in the DNA tucked deep inside the smallest living units that our bodies are made of - the cells. In fact inside the core of the cells called the nucleus.

And this is not true for chicken and eggs only - it is true for all living beings. The information of their whole design is present in the DNA. This is true for amoeba, amongst the simplest living beings, and it is true for plants and it is true for animals and it is true for man.

And if all of the above things differ from each other then that is because their DNAs differ from each other.
And the DNAs are just some big molecules. And everyone knows that molecules are nothing but collections of atoms.

And this realization has spilled over to the applications of this field. This is called genetic engineering.

If you have the DNA of  carrot then this DNA will have all the information about the carrot.
Say, for example, the information for its colour.
The DNA for red carrot should be like DNA for purple carrot.
Except for the segments having the information about colour .
Now let us take the DNA for red carrot. Suppose we replace the segment for red colour by the segment suitable for purple colour. And then we grow the carrot from it. Will it be purple?

It should be.

We have just discussed an example of genetic engineering. It is hardly more complicated than tailoring. Conceptually.

What are other possibilities?

That is where the Pandora's box full of troubles opens.