Friday, April 27, 2012

Afterlife of Church

Copenhagen: Churches shouldn't be turned into mosques since 'Islam is an enemy of Christianty'

Islam is an enemy of Christianity, says former Minister of Ecclesiastical Affairs, Birthe Rønn Hornbech (Liberals), and therefore Muslims shouldn't be taking over churches which have closed down.  16-17 churches in Copenhagen face closure.
Herr Hornbech,
Islam is not an enemy of Christianity. Islam is the final form of the religion of God whose penultimate form is Christianity. You believe in half of the Bible and you do not believe in the other half. Worse - yo believe those parts that are changed and you ignore those that are original.

The former minister spoke on the issue after Per Ramsdal, pastor of Brorson's Church in Nørrebro, suggested the churches can be used by Muslims, Buddhists or Hindus.

Birthe Rønn Hornbech wrote in a mail to Berlinkske News that he will publicly oppose the churches being turned over to another religious, when that religious is a direct enemy of Christianity, as is Islam, for example.  Even if it doesn't necessarily apply to Danish Muslims, Islam is an enemy of Christianity.
It is kind of you to spare Danish Muslims but you have got the other part terribly wrong. If you read the Noble Qur'an carefully it favours the Romans - the Christians. It also says that amongst those whom you meet the best are the followers of Jesus Christ - I kid you not.

Kirkefondet (Church Foundation), which owns half the churches due to be closed down, has denied that their churches will be sold to Muslims or other faiths.  General Secretary Morten Skrubbeltrang 'fears there will be public resistance, if a church will be turned into a mosque'.
Let us get it clear Mr Morten Skrubbeltrang. You are paranoid of Islam and that is all. If there is a resistance then it will be because of people like you. You are Islamophobic. In simple words you harbour enmity towards Islam and not the other way round. Honestly you are invited to Islam.
Birthe Rønn Hornbech backs Kirkefondet's right to decide who the churches will be sold to.  However, he expects them to use the money for a new church where it is needed. 
It is not likely. You are not having children and your youth is either becoming atheist or Muslim. So just relax.

Source : IiE