Saturday, April 7, 2012

Questioning isn't Enough

Some time back our western brothers discovered a by now famous technique - questioning. Question anything and everything - they said. And we followed suit. Why did we not question this philosophy itself?

Well because it came from them - the Europe. And isn't Europe so white?
Yes the reason is really that stark.
Last word is not yet out, for many of us, about overall goodness and badness of the west but too many of us find it very convenient to take the western word as the Gospel truth.
They modified the truth.
Then they abandoned it altogether. First one was fine with us be default - we discovered them when they were in the second stage. But why is the second stage fine with us?

And then they push their opinion down our throat.
You could resist that only if you had a place beneath your feet.

Just look at this:
The things written here are good things to aim at, but I wonder whether willpower alone will achieve them. I have found that what has changed me is knowing that God has forgiven me once and and for all for my past, present and future sins because of Jesus Christ. Knowing what He has done for me makes me love him so that I want to do what he says. Knowing that he forgives me gives me hope to keep living for Him when I’m aware that I have sinned, and knowing that what I do can bring him glory is the greatest motivation of all.