Friday, April 13, 2012

One to One with Richard Dawkins

Richard Dawkins : I am reasonably optimistic in America and Europe.
YT (Yours Truly) : We too. One day they shall all accept Islam.
 RD : I am pessimistic about the Islamic world.
YT : Sad - you are doomed.
RD : I regard Islam as one of the great evils in the world.
YT : No, no it is the other way round. You are one of the great evils of the world. Of course you do not realize it but that does not meant that others do not realize it. You have got it all wrong - badly.
RD : I fear that we have a very difficult struggle there.
YT : Indeed. By the Grace of Allah (SWT) Muslims are the only people who are defending God as a society. We are ill equipped in every which way but we are out there in the sun.
RD :  There is a belief that every word of Qur'an is true.
YT : This one you got right.
RD : There is a close mindedness which has not been there in the former Christendom.
YT : That is a dishonest phrase - close mindedness, nothing unexpected from an atheist. The proper phrase is sure faith - certainty. You are jealous of it. And you do not have it - just have a look at your own heart. Of course we doubt that you shall have any courage to look into your heart - you do not enjoy looking and stark darkness.
RD : I do not know why but we had a long tradition of questioning.
YT : See you do not know why. Ask us. We know. You had a long tradition of question because your ancestors did the wrong thing called changing the word of God - modifying the Injeel. Once you do that it becomes questionable thing called the Bible. After that questioning follows naturally. Is that too difficult thing to understand.
RD : There are people in the Islamic world who simply say that Islam is right.
YT : Let us make it easy for you - all of us are like that, the ones the west has scared into saying otherwise are rather miniscule in number. Believe us.
RD : They say that, "We are going to impose our will".
YT : There is no compulsion in religion - according to Islam. You are simply indulging in calumny. You might have to eat your words.
RD : There is an asymmetry - we are being too nice.
YT : The colonial past of your country might be glorious for you but for the former colonies the final edict of history is still not out. This boast of being too nice is just a ripple - get over it.
RD : It is possible to be naively over optimistic.
YT : Sooner or later people will realize, even if you do not, that this is a branch of homophobia called Islamophobia.
RD : If you reach out to people who have absolutely no intention to reach out to you then you may be dis-illusioned.
YT : Please see previous answer. You are trying to spread hatred. It was alright from British standards to have a theory like yours but you can not take it so far as to create animosity towards the followers of Islam. Better thing will be to take back your words before you are asked to account for them - it is strange that you are getting carried away by your own academic worth - over blown worth.