Friday, March 2, 2012

What is the Truth?

Commenting on a debate a user said :
No, Hinduism is the truth! Sorry, Buddhism is the truth! Pardon, Christianity is the truth! I apologise, Taoism is the truth! Ok, if its Islam, is it Sunni, Shia or Ibadi?
The long and short of the argument is that there is too much of variety in market about the choice of a religion.
And even if the argument is reduced to Islam then too a number of choices are there and hence it is difficult to decide.

The question is a dishonest one to some extent.
A person who can coin such a statement is perfectly capable of comparing the first four choices. Since he has already come down to Islam there is no point in discussing the first half of his argument.

So out of the three possible versions of Islam which one is authentic?

Again  the answer is that a person who could make above statement is perfectly capable of making a choice after due consideration.

The question is in fact a rhetoric one because the person is not ready to invest i enough time to make up his mind.

But he also needs some sympathy because he is unaware of this fact. It is our responsibility to point this thing out.