Wednesday, March 28, 2012

May A Thousand Europes Prosper

Twenty five percent of the children in Flanders, Belgium are of foreign origin.
Let us believe them.
Let us also accept that it means that future adult population of Flanders will be twenty five percent foreigners.
Just like the fact that future adult population in the suburb of Antwerp and some other European cities will be of foreign national origin in about forty percent.

And many of these people of foreign origin will be Muslims.

Now that we have the facts in front of us let us analyze them. Does it mean that Muslims have planed and mounted a demographic take over of Europe.
For one, the data is about few European countries.
It is about few cities.
It is about suburbs, mostly.
And there is no organized attempt to demographic flooding.
We have not heard of any - except wild accusations.

And there is no intention of the same - as one can see around. Of course there might be some loud mouths. They should shut up. They are neither helping Islam nor Muslims.

Any Muslim in his right mind would not like that the Belgian race should disappear from their country. Or the French. Or the British.  Islam is there for everybody and it is not a tenet of Islam to displace any race. This is something that must be duly emphasized. Islam is on offer for each and every European but anybody dreaming of any racial take over, from either side, is grossly in error.

This leaves us with one uncovered point. The declining demography of European people. Of course there is undue alarmism. As far as the real problem is concerned then it is up to the Europeans themselves to take up reproduction in their society as it should be. Is that not the normal thing to do? And if you find that difficult to do then why not imitate the thriving societies? See we are not usurping Islam from back door. No hanky panky in Islam. It is their in the open - take it or leave. There is no compulsion in Islam.

May a thousand Europes bloom Islamically. And no hanky panky here again. Choice is yours and we do have our way of praying. And we do want your good from inside. Please do not think that just because we have a tint to our skin we are incapable of loving you. Or God will not disclose the truth in its final phase to us.