Monday, March 26, 2012

US : The Shooting Country

United States of America is the shooting country.
People shoot others, sometimes for no reason, to death.

Some people will object and assert that there is a generalization here.
But if they ponder a little then they should realize that this generalization can be left out and we can focus on the real problem.

US is taken as the solution country by nearly everybody else in the world.
Unfortunately too many in the Muslim Ummah hold the same view.

But US is a problem country.
And if the perpetual objector is still around then let us be more precise - US is a problem country also.

This leaves us with a puzzle - is it more of a problem country or more of a solution country?

Good question. You decide. On our part we shall take a look at Trayvon Martin shooting:

Oliver, who has known Zimmerman for six years, said he has been in regular contact with members of Zimmerman's family, who have briefed him on Zimmerman's day-to-day reactions as the case has grown into a national referendum on race, gun laws and criminal justice.
Let us take three points mentioned here. First one is race.

Our white brothers and sisters are the most racist in the world. They got to work most on this problem - still. True that they have been working on it for a long time and they have made significant strides in the right direction but they still have a long way to go.

Second is gun laws. US gun laws are silly and dangerous. They have geared their laws for a criminal society. That is a loss. Once a friend said that the informal US law is that see our law and order domain is so wast that we can not protect every one of you personally so protect yourself. Take guns. Once you end up in legal problem we shall handle that part efficiently. People say that courts in US work much more efficiently. May be. But the whole paradigm is so wrong. It is obvious to us but for some reasons it is not to them. May be dear Indians and Muslims should try to explain it to them. Only you can - for no one else knows. They think that US is the standard.

Third point is Criminal Justice. It is simply bad in US. Let us hold it from the other end. The Jail. What is the purpose of a jail? That a criminal goes into it and gets the punishment for his wrong doing by loosing his freedom. One thing that this proves is that there is no absolute freedom - are you not violating the right of a person to freely more around by imprisoning him? But we digress. The normal view about prison term will be that a criminal should think that it is a bad thing to indulge in crime because you loose your freedom for so long. Is that happening? No. This thought is farthest from anybody's mind for US prisons are known to the world, to even those people who are sitting on the other side of the globe and who have never set foot on that land, to be the most unforgiving places to dwell upon. Who so ever survives that ordeal comes out as a bigger criminal. And if you try to catch this conundrum of US criminal justice system from the other end then that also does not work. The things begin their with plea-bargain. This term simply amounts to subterfuge of criminal justice system. The logic is as follows - since the criminal justice system is so expansive therefore allow the criminal to accept voluntarily the charges of a lower crime and do away with it.

Sorry it fails from both ends. Mat suggest that they sit with Islamic law, with very-very cool head, and try to devise solutions to their problems?

No? Good we are watching you and you are watching yourself.