Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fed Up With Li Wei

Apparently Li Wei is the most powerful artist in China.
And amongst most powerful people in China.
This is what BBC asserted some time back.
Surely he must be serving some western purpose.
Last time when yours truly saw his creative work it was time to be left unimpressed.
He created hundred million sunflower beans of porcelain.
Big deal.
Now we have a Yahoo feature - collection of his photographs where apparently gravity is being defied.
Big deal.
Photoshop any body.
Yours truly suspects that not only Li Wei's but the western creativity has reached its saturation.
Result? They keep coming with these inane ideas.
Unfortunately sometimes the ideas are plain loathsome.
Like the experimentation going in theater.
Even in the photographs by Li Wei there is one that is very stressful.
It should not be publicly released.