Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Centenary Celebrations of Physics Department - 3

The programme started around 10AM in the morning and it was only around 8PM people saw Professor MZR Khan off. It was a hectic day and very eventful. Both faculty members and students showed remarkable stamina because it really no-stop show. Though only very few alumni took the microphone but whatever they said made the day a memorable one.

It will be better to get one headline out of our way before yours truly attempts to report the happenings of the day. One modern test of scientific nimbleness of a society is the number of Nobel Prizes under its belt. This is much more true in case of Physics than other disciplines of science. And on this barometer our reading is firmly grounded to ground level - we have none to boast. But this is not a very good measurement. The reason is that western versatility in science reached the present level after centuries of efforts. We do have a century behind us but only a century - after beginning from scratch.

It is a difficult proposition and dear Aligs might find that it is a weak excuse but it is a good excuse.

Events of the day left the feeling in heart that had not come earlier even after decades of association with this movement. The feeling is the following  : To be an Alig is very honourable and a great blessing of Allah(SWT) and at least for a Muslim it is worthwhile choice to decide to be an Alig. And of course : once an Alig, always an Alig. This is also spirit of Aligarh. Hope yours truly can communicate some of this feeling in the reportings of the events that yours truly intends to make.