Friday, March 30, 2012

That Man

He was in the Du'a learning group that voluntarily formed after Fajr. Quite keenly interested in the du'a for istikhara. Fair complexion, smart personality but easy going. Bears the name of a mighty Prophet(AS). Made very serious efforts to learn it in spite of his advance age. Another noticeable thing about him was his hair. It had grayed but he always bore a smart hair cut. In the rainy season, yes we have a separate season for rain in India, he wore knee high rain boots. Only later this sinner learned that he is a retired military driver. Once a soldier, always a soldier. One day he confided the reason for learning the du'a for istikhara. He had two sons and one of them left home without any trace or any communication. Husband and wife did their sabr on the remaining son but a few years later he too left home. No trace again and no communication. What kind of burden this ever smiling, always pleasant face carries behind that facade? Only Allah(SWT) knows.