Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Next Bump

There has been some more exciting news in the Large Hadron Collider section of the world.

Anyway the expectation will always focus on whether they have discovered (a) the Higgs or (b) Supersymmetry.

The current whisperings are about the former, that is, whether Higgs has been discovered. Mostly the discussion in the relevant part of the blog-sphere is more on social aspect then the experimental evidence.

This is good for us. Let alone AMU even in the country as a whole we do not have much culture of discussing scientific things. May be scientists are to be blamed for that but that is neither here  nor their. No doubt science is not the easiest thing to talk about but some rudimentary culture will certainly be of some solace.

Anyway we intend to increase the amount of science in the posts.

Coming back to the new bump. Suppose you have got some result and then your friend who is doing similar things but is not a part of your group takes your results and starts talking to others, like talking to the press. This is the type of situation that has occurred in last few days. So here are various links for this case.

(1) Peter Woit of the blog Not Even Wrong has a graphic title This Week's Rumour (no the Americans, we mean the people of US of A, have not learned to spell rumor as rumour).
(2) Jester of Resonaaces is sought by people and he obliges  under title Hiigs at ATLAS, May Be.
(3) Lubos Motl at summarizes here.
(4) For all practical purposes the morality might be the most relevant thing in this context and Gordon Watts takes it up here. Nice entry point to familiarize oneself with the scientific culture.

This time onwards, like other bloggers, we too shall keep updating this post rather than writing a new one for each development in this context of the new bump.