Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Calamity of Sarkozian Measures

France has implemented its law. On Muslim women. All things taken into account Muslim women are not French property. French know what they are doing. They must be feeling very strong. That might be true. Lord Most High distributes strength and power too and He does not differentiate in bestowing his blessings in this world whether the recipient is obeying His commands or not. For Lord this world in not worth the wing of a mosquito. So the French have the power, at least in their home. Not so long back they had power outside too. Just like their brothers ( and rivals) in Great Britain. That external power is gone for both of them. Power of a similar nature, that of US of A, is slowly and surely slipping out. Right in front of us. French should have been wise. When things start going horribly wrong they would not know what went wrong. As such the things are not so good in west. The materialistic prosperity is crumbling in front of our eyes. Those who find the last statement difficult to believe should note the fact that the west is severely cutting its science funding. You do not cut the funding of the hidden power engine of your economy, Science and Technology, unless there is something horribly wrong. And finally the west is already in deep crisis on the social front, having demolished the institution of family, slowly but definitively. They do not admit it because they do not understand it. We do not talk about it because we still do not have the confidence. What is worse is that we insist on copying them.