Friday, April 8, 2011

Bump Explained

The bump that we have talked about in many posts was of course explained yesterday. Only one blogger is talking about it. The reason might be that the explanation is of Fly on the Moon type. The explanation says that the people analyzing the data has shifted their data by one bin from some energy onwards and hence you get a bump at another energy. It is like squeezing a balloon at one place gives you a bump at another place. The explanation is here, now in the beginning of that post. The blogger got his hint from a commenter. The basic observation is already there in the post here. To quote:
Note also that the W+jets background totally dominates. Note further that there is a mismodeling of the data in the region above 120 GeV: it seems like all data points are displaced by one bin toward the right with respect to background predictions.
He was just very close to the explanation. At least he had the right observation. There is a possibility that it might leave some red faces for the explanation is rather obvious.