Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bump Explained Again

Why again? Can't this thing die a natural death?

Relax. The new explanation is not so different from the earlier explanation if one thinks of squeezing the balloon analogy. So here is that other explanation from Cosmic Variance and here from Tommaso Dorigo. If you want to see squeezing the balloon in action then here is one place.

The present excitement has made several things very clear. Some old and some new. So, for example, memorize the following sentence:
Three sigma signals come and go.
 This statement has been made at several blog so no attribution is being given.

Now what is one, two three, four, five, ... sigma? Alright, we'll get to it at our sweet convenience. For the time being the sweet convenience of others is the one that is dictating the game. We, for the time being can not resist the temptation to tell that many of the bloggers took the pain of explaining the various backgrounds contributing to the observed event. That was really nice.