Sunday, April 3, 2011

For Anniversaries

In case you have missed it the earlier post Ice Cream Sundae was against anniversaries. The present one is for Anniversaries. And there is no dichotomy. We are forbidden to add new things to Religion (deen). In science there is a room for that. In fact that is the game.

So what are the current important anniversaries?
(1) Discovery of Superconductivity (100th Anniversary)
(2) Expanding Universe (30th Anniversary)
(3) Beginning of Unification, Maxwell's Equation (150th Anniversary)

(Source : P&P)
But the main purpose was to point out a failed anniversary. In 2008 it was thought that it was the hundredth anniversary of the Physics Department and should be celebrated. Miyan (Late Dr Syed Muhammed Ahmed, former Assistant PRO of AMU and on whom many posts have appeared at AAA) was contacted. He did not confirm it. Consequence? No anniversary. Chemistry department has been more enterprising. They celebrated their 100th anniversary. One can hazard that by the same argument even Physics Department can celebrate its anniversary. But the sad thing is that we are not expert in keeping our archives in order and as a result one can not make the preferred fourth entry in above list.;)