Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sillier and Sillier in Europe

Euro zone is in big trouble.
That is the news we have been hearing for some time.
There are several sick economies in it.
Including Greece.
The healthiest economy, Germany, gets the burden to find the way out of trouble.
Solution by Anglela Merkel Chancellor of Germany?
Go for austerity.
And there lies the rub.
Europe has become materialist for centuries now and any suggestion to the opposite is taken as blasphemy.
That is what the Greek are doing - accusing Merkel of wrong strategy.
How can austerity be a solution? It is not in line with their expectations.
There should be constant and eternal progress.
So what if the resources of the world are limited.
Any leader worth his or her salt must deliver eternal progress.
If anyone suggests austerity the person is not a good leader.

Greeks are putting their hopes on a young man called Alexis Tsipras.
And how will he solve the problem? The situation is made more complex by the fact that he is left leaning.
Do we have a pathetic scape goat?
May be or may be not but any sane westerner could easily identify a new candidate for Darwin Award.

Link : BBC