Thursday, May 24, 2012

27000 Jobs Gone

From a BBC report:
Hewlett-Packard, the world's largest maker of personal computers, is to cut 27,000 jobs by end of 2014.
Now what is the big tragedy here?
People will see trouble for 27000 people.
And they are right about it.
But there are some pages of the tragedy that are not on the radar.
Let try to turn those leaves.
Every single one of these is a bright person - cream of cream.
This should come as a hammer - an additional hammer for 27000 is already a big number.
Then there is another possibility - all of them are likely to be young.
They shall bear the scars for the rest of their long life.
Then there is another tragedy that we have been carrying with us without realizing it.
An earning member is supposed to be supporting a family.
In modern times this seems to be unlikely because the report is from a western company and the west has destroyed the family long back. In India, the whole sub-continent, one person would be earning and the rest of the family will survive on that. It may look like a lesser tragedy that only one person is on the street but in reality nucleation of one more family is precluded by each job termination.
And finally there is one more big tragedy is hidden in the news.
West has become blind to this tragedy though it is as apparent as an elephant in the drawing room.
Company is laying off people in the name of "productivity initiative designed to simplify business processes".
This can be read off as a thinly disguised euphemism for  giving more work to less number of people.
A thorough extraction of people's capacities.
This may sound like a good strategy but it is in reality a horror scenario.
Man is human and man is not a machine.
Over utilization of man's capacity to work leads to break down - physically also but more likely psychologically.
Hence the prevalence of psychological disorders in the west. West is already in a crisis in this regard but perhaps has not realized it.
To conclude, those who will retain their jobs are no better situation.
In summary we have a huge inconvenient news.

And some people might ask about the solution. Well some in the west are already using the word austerity. Unfortunately the rest of the west takes it as an insult. And it is difficult to blame them. You inject the people for centuries with the ideology of materialism and then you say austerity!