Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mushroom Cut

Can you become famous as a barber?

This will be a ridiculous question some time back in time. Yours truly remembers a satire in Hindi magazine Sarita (the River) a satirical piece in which the protagonist tries to introduce sophistication in hair cutting using mathematics. The shop is named Geometrical Hair Cutting Saloon. And the disaster ensues.

But nothing is uninteresting when combined with the creative and enlightened west. There is the news of the death of a person in that trade - Vidal Sassoon. Apparently he was as famous as you can get. It is another matter that most of the available hair cuts by the noted artist look like mushroom.

And who are we to wonder on the ways of the world. This world belongs to Lord Most High and He gives name and fame and riches and power to whomsoever He wishes and a a way that He wishes.

This world is full of signs of our Lord Most High.