Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed - 1

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed is a 2008 documentary film, directed by Nathan Frankowski and hosted by Ben Stein. The issue at hand is the attitude of the Darwinist biological establishment towards the dissenters. Above Wikipedia page at the moment of writing is heavily biased in favour of atheistic and evolutionary mind set perpetuates the same myths that the documentary seeks to debunk. The article asserts that apart from the issue of irreducible complexity the documentary examines the issue politically. This is an unfair criticism. From the title itself it is clear that the documentary is looking at the political issue and is not intended to be a scientific critique of Darwinism. That is a different issue and that issue does furnish the sole reason for the need for this documentary but the subject matter of the documentary is not so subtly different from Darwinism. It is about imposition of Darwinism by fiat. Allowing healthy dissent is hallmark of science but somehow the very powerful subsection of the biological scientific establishment has managed to suppressed the contrary voices. The documentary aims to expose this murky side.