Saturday, May 26, 2012

Explorations in Islamic Science - 4

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Different societies have different interpretations of reality. Western attitudes towards science have lead to western interpretations of science that is completely materialistic where values serve no purpose.

Western attitudes towrds science makes us Bazanovs. Ivan Turgenev's book Fathers and Sons has a character called Evgeny Bazanov who is embodiment of materialism, scientism and positivism - an arch believer in cold facts, clinical objectivity and scientific reason.

We do have Muslim Bazanovs who do not think that ethical values have any bearing on what they do in the lab. They do not take values as central concerns of human thought and life.

Here there is an assumption that science is not above the values of its practitioner. Western science is producing homogenized acultural world. The world should be multicultural rather than universal western civilization.

Both western economic systems, capitalism and socialism, are the two faces of the same coin - either a few departments of the state control the whole wealth or a few corporations.

Western economic model excludes the developing world, including Muslims, from economic benefits. Muslim states also realize that western model amounts to annihilation of their own values, if not the civilization.

We are looking at one strand - contemporary style to pursue science. Are there other strands? Yes, there is Islamization of knowledge. Are there more strands? Yes - theoretical and practical work towards realization of Islamic economics. Any more strands? Yes, there is the Civilization Project aiming to restoring sanity in the Muslim world by integrating different aspects of life like culture, politics, law, economy and science. Political uncertainties are by products of our current disunity. Debate on science is merely one aspect of the whole problem.