Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Heart Changing Hamd

Hai issi tarah se mumkin Teri raah peh  guzarna
Kabhi dil peh sabr karna, kabhi dil se shukr karna

This is the only way to traverse upon Your path
Having patience within the heart, being grateful with the heart

Ye Teri raza mein jeena, ye Teri raza mein marna
Meri 'abdiyat peh Ya Rabb ye hai Tera fazl karna

To live with Your pleasure, to die with Your pleasure
This, my Lord, is Your grace upon my servitude

Yahi 'aashiqon ka shewa, yahi 'aashiqon ki 'aadat
Kabhi girya-o-bukaa hai, kabhi aah-e-sard bharna

This is the way of lovers, this is the habit of lovers
To weep and cry, to take deep sighs (of longing)

Yahi 'isqh ki 'alaamat, yahi 'ishq ki zamaanat
Kabhi zikr ho zubaan se, kabhi dil mein yaad karna

This is the sign of love, this is the security of love
To mention with the tongue, to remember in the heart

Meri zindagi ka haasil, meri zeest ka sahaara
Tere 'aashiqon mein jeena, Tere 'aashiqon mein marna

The purpose of my life, the reliance of my existence
(is) To live by Your lovers, to die by Your lovers

Mujhay kuch khabar naheen thi Tera dard kya hai Ya Rabb
Tere 'aashiqon se seekha Tere sang-e-dar peh marna

I had no idea what Your (pain of) love was, Oh Lord
I have learned from Your lovers how to die at Your doorstep

Yeh Teri ataa hai Ya Rabb, ye hai Tera jazb-e-pinha
Mera nala-e-nadaamat Tere sang-e-dar peh karna

This is Your blessing Oh Lord, this is Your hidden attraction
That my weeping of repentance is at Your doorstep

Mera har khataa peh rona hai yahi meri talaafi
Tere rahmaton ka sadqa mera jurm-o-'afw karna

Crying at my mistakes, this is my only recompense
My sins and their remission is by Your charitable mercy

Teri shaan-e-jazb hai ye, Teri banda parwari hai
Mere jaan-o-dil ka tujh ko hama waqt yaad karna

The glory of Your attraction is such, the cherishing of Your slaves is such
(that) My heart and soul be eternally in Your remembrance

Kissi ahl-e-dil ki suhbat jo milli kissi ko Akhtar
Usse aa gaya hai jeena, usse aa gaya hai marna

Oh Akhtar, know that he who associates with an 'ahl-e-dil'*
He now knows how to live, he now knows how to die
Poet : Hazrat Hakim Muhammed Akhtar Sahab (DB)
Source : Rose Garden