Monday, May 14, 2012

He Wants to Thank Saudi Friends

He is a convert to Islam. Here is his  wish:
When I first accepted Islam I went thru many struggles in my personal life.

All of my christian friends and family abandoned me.

My wife of many years legally kicked me out of my house and divorced me.

She had emptied the bank account and I was broke.

I lost my job.

My car was in the shop with a large repair bill.

And then found out I had a serious medical problem and was hospitalized for treatment.

I went from living in a beautiful home with a wife and kids; to broke and basically homeless.

I had been going to a small apartment for Jummah that a bunch of Saudi students were renting as a masjid.

When they found out what had happened to me they were very upset.

The Saudi brothers found out where I was at and came got me.

The took one of the rooms of the apartment they were using as a masjid and fixed it up for me.

One brother donated a bed; another a lamp and night stand; others gave chairs, TV, bed sheets, towels, dresser drawers, etc.

Then they took up a collection of money and paid my auto repair bill. Plus, their wives would send meals to me.

I saw first hand the true Ummah of Islam in action and will never forget it.

My dream has always been to go to Saudia Arabia and personally thank as many people as I can for raising dedicated muslims such as these young brothers. Hopefully, in front of large crowds.

I don't know if that will ever happen; but I would like to at least tell my story on a Saudi forum.
Here is his story in more detail. We shall post it in a later post.