Friday, December 31, 2010

Mushtaq Ahmed Yusufi

Miyan: "Have you read Mushtaq Ahmed Yusufi?"

Answer : I tried Aab-e-Gum but could not read beyond few pages. The style is very humorous but very soon you realize that in the background a thousand tragedies have passed within a short span. It was heart breaking and thus reading could not be continued.

Miyan: Same is true of some later writings of Qurrat-ul-ain Hyder-you see the family scattered and people getting left all alone in various parts of the world. (Miyan was reading Shah Rah-e-Harir (The Silk Route) in those days.)

This was Miyan's style. He was deeply compassionate but did not know how to approach the reality of life face to face and say a few words of consolation. He was appreciative of the young men  taking on the high and mighty but tragedies of past rested heavy in his mind. "Those who have not seen  the past can not imagine it", he said at least twice.