Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Happy Christman, Or Not

It was at Magrib Prayers time on December 25, 2010AC that the doctors declared Miyan dead. Body was taken to Old Boys Lodge. A few moments later K.Kuriakose reached there. The routine for the week before that was to visit Miyan in the hospital. Death had havoc on the right side of Miyan's face. In turning Miyan's face towards qiblah, as it was done, the left side was the visible one. From this side it looked as if Miyan was giving his characteristic smile. As if he will not give up his contradictions even in death.

K.Kuriakose saw the face. Was thoughtful for few moments. Then he was called to sit down on one of the three beds in the room. And that is when he cried.

Yes real man do cry. Only real man are capable of that.

"A man who loved me deeply has left", said K.Kuriakose.

Miyan broke a thousand threads while taking his final journey. Not many can join so many threads. These threads can not be shrunk. This was a special Grace for Miyan from his Lord Most High. They cannot be described. Except in silence.

Nami gardeed kotah rishta-e-mani riha kardum,
Hikayat bood bepayan, bakhamoshi ada kardum.