Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Gathering in His Own Right

As we have remarked earlier Miyan's passing away is a time when, at least for the close circle people, all the cliches can be exhausted. Here is another one. "Miyan was a gathering in his own right", remarked Miyan's namesake (and there are more namesakes) Mr Muhammed Ahmed Shewan, manager (mutwalli) of City Jama Masjid. Mr Shewan was the one who contacted all the inner circle people after Miyan's hospitalization. Miyan had not married and though he shared all the family information with the people around him the presence of close family members was rather minimal in his circle. His maternal uncle used to visit him at the Old Boys Lodge. He did that a few months back too. After Miyan's hospitalization he was the first one to come to Aligarh. People joked whether Miyan was the senior or the maternal uncle.