Thursday, December 30, 2010

Have You Seen My Tomb

In the confusion ensuing as a result of Miyan's demise the news was not conveyed to Miyan's namesake who has retired from Community Medicine Department. So the other Muhammed Ahmed complained that he missed the funeral because of us.

"At least tell me the location of the tomb."
"Have you seen my tomb,"  Belal was already laughing at this line of answer, "the tomb that has my name?"
"Have you seen my tomb?", demanded the other Muhammed Ahmed Sahab. "It has been there since 1977AC", continued the namesake. "There were two Muhammed Ahmeds in Theology department", he said. So now we have three of them.

Muhammed Ahmed Number 1: That is Miyan
Muhammed Ahmed Number 2: Who is alive and kicking, Masha Allah.
Muhammed Ahmed Number 3: Who expired in 1977AC.

When famous Tafseer Scholar, who was earlier in Theology Department of AMU, Professor Fazl-ur-Rehman Sahab Ginnori, came to India and saw number 2 he demanded as to why was he alive and kicking, "I got the news that you are no more."

As you enter the Cemetery at Minto E, coming from Post Office side, then walk a few meters. After that there a cobbled footpath to the right. Take that turn. after a few toms the fresh tomb of the left is Miyan's.

Now talking of you tomb in your life is not so strange. Miyan used to tell this tradition among the nobility of old. People will reserve a tomb for themselves. Not a space but completely prepared tomb that was left covered properly-filled with grain. At the end of the year the grain stock was donated and fresh grain was filled in it.