Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dispatching the Reward

Mufti Muhammed Usama (ZM) was waiting for the call about Miyan's health at Madarsa Arabia Tamir-Millat. The news that was conveyed was of the sad demise. "Inna Lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajeeoon", Mufti Sahab burst out. But recovered soon enough. I am in the class (these madarsas have classes after Maghrib Prayers also) and I shall make a Supplication for Forgiveness (dua-e-maghfirat) and we shall do some Transfer of Reward (eesal-e-sawab) too. "Insha Allah, we shall be the first one to do that," added Mufi Sahab.

Next day some people gathered at Old Boys Lodge to do the same. Owais Jamal Shamsi's son is standing out side to guide the people to the place of Recitation. The boy was accompanying his father most the time to help him during Miyan's illness. Learning early lessons of life.

The father admonishes his son, "Dear son first of all learn Qur'an Recitation so that you do not have to stand outside like now. Then learn to lead the Funeral Prayer (namaz-e-janaza) and thirdly learn to give bath to a dead body. When I die you should not feel so ashamed as I felt when it was the time to give a final bath to Miyan  yesterday."

Hafiz Fahimuddin comes out of the mosque after Isha Prayers. He is the Imam at a Mosque. "A muhsin has expired Hafiz Sahab. You are requested to do some Transfer of Reward." "Yes, yes, Lord willing." A stander by says that tell him the name of the departed.

In the court of Allah your intentions are the thing that counts. He knows who is requesting, for whom he is requesting and who is implementing.