Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dr Rahat Abrar

The night between 24 and 25 December, 2010AC was a rather difficult one for Miyan and the care takers. After midnight it was felt that Miyan must be shifted to ventilator. Passing him from ICU bed in the Medicine Ward number 14 to the stretcher was painful and passing from stretcher to ventilator was more so. Five or six people present tried but could not do the transfer. That was it. A feeling of helplessness. Surely man has limitations. Doctor will give just a few seconds, "I soon as I remove the instruments you shift him." Finally Miyan somehow was transferred to the ventilator. Apart from very close people like Waseem Babu and Owais Jamal Shamsi the present PRO Dr Rahat Abrar was among those felicitous people who helped Miyan in that difficult time.

Miyan's exit was not quick. But then it was not prolonged too much. A little more than a week. And now he is no more.

"I am thinking that I should start praying", said Miyan to various people in last few weeks.

And then the intentions of a believer are better than his actions. May Lord Most High accept his intentions.

Verily the Promise of Lord is true.